Product Lineup

Positioner Units

Positioners units that use the Precision Reduction Gear RV. Support for all major servo motors. Drastically reduces the time and effort required for design, manufacturing and assembly.

AGV Drive Unit

An integrated in-wheel design incorporating a Precision Reduction Gear RV inside of a Mecanum Wheel. Compact, and able to support the large loads needed for large-payload AGVs.


Actuator is a sealed and prelubricated precision gearbox with servomotor in a compact design.


Gearhead is a sealed and prelubricated precision gearbox, complete with accomodations for motor mounting ( major motor manufacturers). Three input types are available.


Component is our basic precision gearbox. The customer will integrate this within their design.


Specialized lubricant for Nabtesco precision gearboxes


    Specialized grease for precision reduction gears


    RVGREASE™ LB00 unlocks the true potential of the precision reduction gear RV.

  • RV OIL

    RVOIL™ SB150 provides both high lubricating performance and oil exchangeability.

  • SDS Library

    SDS Library of Lubricants for Precision Reducer RV™ only

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